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Give to YOU First

Are you a woman professional, entrepreneur or small business owner trying to balance multiple responsibilities and your well being is taking a back seat to the demands?

Well  you have come to the right place.  


Natasha White, Wellness Facilitator,

I am excited to be of service

to  help reduce stress and you

invest in YOUR self care. Take a

 look around and

 see how we help you

operate at your most optimal level: 


On-site Wellness Corporate/

Small Business Events


Wellness Services


Wellness Packages/Memberships


Self Care Wellness Consulting

Self Care is the active process of

making your body and mind a

pleasant place to inhabit by filling

your own cup first.

This ensures you have enough

to give others after first

giving to yourself.


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Best Massage Therapist in town. Due to hip surgery, I developed very limited mobility. Thanks to Natasha, I'm back to walking half a mile a day and doing aquacize 4 to 5 days a week. Not only are her massages great, she also made me a video demonstrating therapeutic stretches and strengthening exercises. She is the best.

- C. Ayers

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