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Welcome to New You Wellness, where we partner with service provider teams, wellness organizations and individuals to promote well being through self-care. Our holistic group and individual programs help those who want to have a work-life balance by taking action to reduce burnout and fatigue in order to benefit their health and have mental and physical harmony.

Onsite Wellnesss

Our On-site Wellness delivery helps boost workplace morale and is designed to reduce burnout, fatigue and stress through facilitation of therapeutic muscle tension relief sessions



We partner with community 
organizations and individuals to promote the value of investing in the practice of self care to benefit mental and physical health



Our interactive wellness workshops help clients maximize free time by participating in self focused and nurturing exercises and gain valuable self care techniques to implement independently


Healthy Resources

Through our Juice Plus partnership, we are excited to provide beneficial nutritional resources to compliment the practice of self care and highlight the importance of healthy eating 

Fruit and Granola

The Stress Relief Your Team Deserves

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