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Natasha White
Touch Therapist, Self Care Facilitator and Founder of New You Wellness

My Mission:

Hi... I am Natasha White, and I am passionate about changing the trajectory of self care for busy women (preferably Black Women) professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

My Why:

As a woman, even more so, as a Black Women, I understand dealing with the demands of work, family and the ups and downs of life all while trying to keep it together. I understand working long hours, lack of sleep, exhaustion, fatigue and feeling like there is never any time for self. I also understand going for my regular check up to discover I had several dysfunctions happening with my reproductive system and pretty much surprised that I never really noticed the signs. I came to realize that, we women, tend to negotiate our well being to maintain all the responsibilities we have but lack focus on the most important person-ourselves. I am passionate about creating space where busy women professional can detach, gain self focus and rejuvenate so they can identify where they are holding stress, uncover the mindset blocks that keep them stuck in fight or flight mode and develop a doable, customized self care routine that fits their busy schedule.

My Vision:


In my 15 plus years as a  Massage Therapist, I have received many requests to address issues many believe can be resolved from a 60 or 90-min massage session.  I've come to realize that more than the physical needs to be addressed and have redirected the focus of New You Wellness toward a more well being approach which encompasses the mental, verbal and emotional as well. Self care is an intentional act, which is why I am intentional about not doing the norm and my care free delivery is what makes me unique. Although touch therapy provides many benefits, it can only be as good as the attention one gives to her overall well being. My vision is to help professional women include their self care plan into their career plan, so they can operate from overflow not overwhelm. 


I am here for you, let's chat!

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