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Natasha White
Licensed Massage Therapist and Self Care Solutionist

Our Mission:


Our mission is to provide in-office wellness services to our clients. Our goal is to provide self care strategies and tools for service providers teams, so they can operate optimally  professionally and personally. We believe providing these services would help boost workplace morale, reduce stress and enhance mental and physically well being. We are committed to working with organizations and individuals to help foster a culture of self-care, one that emphasizes the importance of touch therapy and other wellness practices.


Our Why:

Our founder, Natasha White, has worked as a service provider for over 17 years and knows the toll that the job can take on one's physical and mental health. This is why she started New You Wellness, to provide well being services for busy, women professionals and service provider teams. Her passion is to help those who want to stop working long hours and commit to their well being, so they can improve morale, aid their health and have mental and physical harmony. Whether it’s a stress-reducing chair massage, light stretching or simple self care demonstration, her goal is to promote daily recovery from stress so her clients can be refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle their next task!


Our Vision:

Our vision is to empower and support service providers, the community and individuals by delivering wellness services with a focus of self care. We aim to heighten the benefits of prioritizing self care as the key to a healthy lifestyle mind, body and spirit. We aspire to be a wellness resource that encourages and empowers individuals to be proactive participants in the betterment of their well being both personally and professionally. 


I am here for you, let's chat!

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